Thursday, August 18, 2011


First off let me explain I am in NO way saying sorry for the way I feel. My father raised me to accept my feelings for what they are. He always told me you can't help how you feel. He also taught me to get my feelings out. I have many memories of him holding me when I was a child and crying and just telling me to let it out, to get it all out. To this day I still do that. I get my feelings out and then am able to move on. Like I said in my last post if I kept holding on to them they would fester and breed hatred in my heart, that is not something I want nor it is healthy for me. So like my Dad taught me I got my feelings out and then I handed them over to God. It is out of my hands now.
I do want to say sorry to a few people that my post may have hurt. I have had some wonderful friends and a cousin who have been there for me and I know haven't forgotten Isabella. They are always around to talk whenever I want and have no problems talking or listening to me talk about Isabella. I have also met some wonderful moms and dads online who have gone through the same thing and I know they remember Isabella the same way I remember their sweet angels. So those people I am sorry if my post hurt you and please know that I am very thankful for your friendship.
One final thing I need to say. Just because I come on here every once in awhile and vent or whatever about my feelings doesn't mean I walk around 24/7 like that. In fact I live a very happy and fulfilled life. Like I have said many times Isabella taught me how very special life is and I take that seriously. I treasure every moment God gives me here on Earth with my loved ones and friends. Yes of course I miss my daughter and for some reason some people can't get it through their heads that I will always miss my daughter. The death of a child or loved one isn't something you "move on" from or "make it through". It is just something you learn to live with. Even though my heart is full of love and happiness there will always be a tiny part of it that is missing her.

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