Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can we make it???

A few weeks after finding out Isabella's diganosis I read some statistics that said most marriages don't make it through the loss of a child. I just skimmed over them thinking that wouldn't be us. Now I wonder will we be part of those statistics? In 9 days it will be our 10 year wedding anniversary and it breaks my heart to think it might be our last one.

Up until a couple of months ago I thought things were going good. I mean of course we had our issues, what marriage doesn't? But things are spiraling out of control very fast. My husband has held things in all this time and has been hiding his depression for so long now. And of course for some reason like most men he can't accept the fact that maybe he might need help. I have done everything I can to help him through this but it is out of my hands. I don't want to give up on us, but it feels like he already has.

I pray and I hope we won't become one of the statistics, and I ask for prayers from you all that we make it through this.


  1. Praying for you guys Mary! Hold on to eachother, even when you might not feel like it! Put God in control of your marriage, it's worth fighting for. Greg and I had a very rough time at around our 2 year wedding anniversary and I am so glad things turned around. Take time on your anniversary to recognize all of the ups and downs and celebrate your marriage and all the beautiful babies you have made together :) Please message me if you want to talk!

  2. I'm so sorry to read this. I hope very much your DH gets help to overcome his depression and that your marriage will make it. Sending many prayers

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  4. Marriage is hard even without the added stress of having lost a child. Couples like us do not have to become part of that statistic though. We know from the get-go the odds are not in our favor, so we work harder at it. Get the support you need, and most of all, make sure you both have a healthy way to communicate. There are a lot of emotions wrapped up that are destructive when not worked through. I know it's been awhile since you posted this, and I pray you two are still staying strong together and weathering the storm with an undying commitment to each other. There is hope. We are proof of that :)