Monday, December 13, 2010


The day Isabella was born it snowed, the whole trip from KS to VA for her service it snowed, the day of her service it snowed and then the day we got back to KS it snowed. So snow reminds me of her, the tattoo I got for her is a snowflake. Today, the day of the ultrasound it is snowing! Now people from this area know how rare a snowfall this time of year is. If it snows here it isn't until Jan or Feb so this isn't a normal thing.

I am taking this snowfall as a sign of Isabella. Her letting us know she is watching over us and sending her love today. She knows how stressful and worrisome this day is for us and she is comforting us.

Thank you so much baby girl for this beautiful snowfall and for sending your love to us today, we are truly thankful!

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