Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We have had a pretty depressing fourth of July this year. It has rained all weekend. We had so many plans with our neighbor for this weekend and we couldn't do any of them. For the first time since Isabella's birth and passing I was looking forward to a holiday so I am a bit depressed on it all being ruined. For the first time ever we didn't get to see a fireworks show. For some reason last night Junction City decided to set them off early, and we had no idea so we missed them. The kids weren't to upset because Dwayne had bought some and set them off, and the little kids loved it.

Even though Isabella isn't here I feel her in my heart and in my mind these are still her 1st holiday's. So it makes me sad her 1st fourth of July was pretty sucky, lol. I hope up in Heaven she was able to look down somewhere and see a great fireworks show.

The only good that came out of the weekend was our date afternoon. Was great to get away with just Dwayne and no kids. We went out to lunch and then to see Eclipse. Living so far from family we don't get many dates so we cherish the few we get. Tomorrow Dwayne starts the out processing he has to do with the Army to get us ready for the move. So the next few weeks are going to be crazy, lol. As of right now we are planning to leave KS and head for VA on the 1st of August, but as always with the Army things can come up and change so nothing is written in stone, lol. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can get out of here then. I am already stressing over the two day drive to VA with two kids, two dogs and a cat, lol. I am sure it will be an adventure I will never forget.

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