Saturday, July 10, 2010


Isabella was born and passed away on a Saturday. For a couple months afterwards I hated Saturday's. I wish I could just sleep right through them. Now 23 weeks later it isn't that bad. While I still remember the birth and death every saturday it doesn't affect my life very much. I kind of have a little silent moment every morning and then get on with my day. And there are sometimes through out the day I will feel a wave of saddness rush over me but it passes pretty fast. We stay pretty busy on the weekends doing lots of family activities and that helps a lot. Isabella has taught me how precious life is and how special it is to have the family we have. So I try to honor her memory by enjoying this life and my family. Today we will be going to the pool with our friend and her kids and I know Isabella will be looking down on us smiling. She will be happy to see we are enjoying life and enjoying each other as a family.

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  1. Isabella is definitely looking down on you all and laughing with you and happy that you are enjoying yourselves. I have that same perspective and Lilly taught me the same that life is too precious to waste.