Monday, June 28, 2010

God's Angels

God's Angels Poem
Dawn Glenton

If God did not make Angels, then who would want to die?
How could there be a Heaven in that great place in the sky?
If God did not make Angels, then who could sing and play
And evermore watch over us each moment, every day?
He chooses them so carefully and often they are small,
His babies are most innocent, and some aren't born at all.
These cherubs are a special gift sent down for us to love,
If only for a little while until they're called above.
If you conceived an Angel that was not meant to stay,
Then do not grieve and make it sad, just let it go and play,
For Heaven is a special place where we all wish to go,
Our Angels will be waiting there for all of us, you know,
And when we see their faces and their little golden smile,
We'll know our precious Angels only left for a short while.
We'll cuddle them and smother them with kisses filled with love,
That day we meet our Angels in God's nursery up above.

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