Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Mountain Moved

From the time we found out about Isabella having Anencephaly to now we have had to fight the Army pretty much all along the way. And everytime we won. Though I don't give the glory of the win to us, I give it to God. He has moved every mountain and obstacle that has gotten in our way. First there was the fight to get Dwayne home on emergency leave when I got the diagnosis, he was on his 3rd deployment to Iraq. 2nd was have his 2 week emergency leave extended so we could figure out what was going on and what the insurance would cover. 3rd was finding out our insurance wouldn't cover an induction and that I would have to carry to term, what is what my heart wanted. 4th was getting the unit to allow him to stay until her birth. 4th was allowing him to stay home after her birth, they wanted to send him back to Iraq right away. And now he has done it again!

We found out today that our compassionate reassignment request has been APPROVED!! Now we did have to do some fighting for this too but God put the right people in our lives to help us. We have a wonderful friend who pretty much told us the reglations involving it and that the unit wasn't following them. Then we had a wonderful chaplain get us in touch with one who knew about compassionate reassignments and could help us. One phone call to the rear d captain and things were moving as they should be! He knew we knew the regulations and that they could be in a lot of trouble for not following them. Then when things went to a halt again our wonderful friend gave us a card for a Soldier's Advocate. Now this advocate is actually for warriors in transition, the soldiers who have been hurt while serving overseas, but she heard our story and decided she wanted to help us. When our paperwork got "lost" she called everyone and tracked it down. A few days after the calls were made it showed up on his AKO(army website and e-mail) that HRC, the army's human resources, had received it and it was pending. Poor Dwayne checked it every day, most of the time way more than once a day, lol. Everytime he looked it said pending, until today.

August 10, 2010 my husband has to report to Fort Eustis, Va! We requested that post because that is where we are from and we have family and friends there. I am truthfully still in shock over it. It doesn't seem real yet. I am extremely happy and excited though. I hate kansas and can't wait to get away from here, lol. I know I will probably find it somewhat hard to leave the only place I have memories of being with Isabella. But I know I can't ever lose those memories, they will always stay in my heart and in my mind forever.

Also how ironic is it we get this news exactly 5 months after being induced? 5 months ago today I was laying in that hospital bed waiting to meet Isabella.

Tonight though I just want to stand on a mountain top and shout my praises to the Lord!!! Though he had us go through these trials not once did he leave our side, not once was he not there for us. He has given us this great amount of strength to continue to survive this. He has done everything he could to make it as easy as possible. And no matter how much we yelled at him with our anger over the situation his love for us never waivered!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Great verse! it can be hard to give over control but the blessing that come from it are amazing! So happy your family gets to stay together!