Monday, June 28, 2010

Mother's Day

First Happy Mother's Day to all my friends out there. Hope you had a great day!

My day was better than I thought it would be, so far no tears or breaking down. Dwayne and the kids let me sleep in and get some much needed rest. Was so nice to also come downstairs to a freshly mopped kitchen and a clean downstairs. The kids were so excited about it being Mother's Day. First thing I heard after waking up was Happy Mother's Day with bug hugs from the kids. Then they were so excited they had to give me my gifts right then, lol. My favorite type of gifts from the kids are homemade ones. So Dwayne had them make me cards this year and I LOVE them! I also got some flowers, a Willow tree figurine and a necklace. The figurine is a mother holding a baby and it is titled Angel of Mine. Dwayne said Katie wanted me to have one with a baby on it, I am guessing for Isabella. The necklace is a heart which is perfect because no matter where my kids are, hundreds of miles away, in heaven or here with me they are always in my heart.

Since my mother stole my son from me Mother's Day has always been a hard day for me. My heart always feels empty without him here. This year it is even more empty since Isabella went to Heaven. So today was a little bit sad but Dwayne, Katie and Jonathan did everything they could to make it a happy special day. I am so thankful today and everyday to God for blessing me with such a wonderful husband and 4 very special kids.

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