Monday, June 28, 2010

One Heart, One Life

Oh, how can one heart feel so much love
That it breaks just at the thought of you?
And how can one life be so very brief?
Yet so profound that it changes the world?

It is a mystery to me, the miracle of life;
We are a part of something larger than we know.
You've opened places in our hearts
we never knew were there.
And we are amazed at the love that overflows.

When you came into this world,
we greeted you with joy.
You were the focus of so many hopes and dreams.
But this world greeted you with pain
that we coudn't take away.
I guess the mystery is deeper than it seems.

Yes, there are mysteries we don't want to know,
Places of pain we'd rather not go
And we have walked that dark path
with you, little one.

But I know there will come a day
When we'll walk hand in hand
In love and together evermore.

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